Guaranteed Financing with Credit Acceptance Corporation. We specialize in bad credit auto loans and help you rebuild your credit the right way.

We believe everyone deserves a second chance!

Do your have bad credit? Have you been turned down for an auto loan due to Bankruptcy, Repossession, Credit Problems or Lack of Credit? Smart Motors can offer you the credit you deserve!  

Through this financing program, Smart Auto Finance helps consumers change their lives by providing them an opportunity to establish or re-establish their credit standing by making timely monthly payments on their financed vehicle.  We are the leader in helping consumers rebuild their credit after Bankruptcy. We even have lenders available, that will approve your auto loan before Court discharges your Bankruptcy.

We at Smart Auto Finance are proud offer to you Credit Acceptance, which guarantees that everybody gets approved for a car loan. This is your opportunity to get a fresh start where you can expect to be treated professionally and with dignity.

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·        A recent pay check stub, or 3 months bank statements for self-employed

·         PROOF OF RESIDENCE - Such as: Electric bill, Water bill, Home phone bill, Credit card statement, etc.

·         PROOF OF BANK ACCOUNT (if you have an account) - One statement from your checking account and/or one statement from your savings account.

·         PHONE BILL (if you have a home and/or cell phone) - One home phone bill and/or one cell phone bill.

·         Valid driver's license..

We work on an appointment basis. After we receive your application, we will contact you to set up the appointment. CALL TODAY 608-441-7770